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Best Warter Bottle Manufacturer & Supplier in China

We are specializing in developing, producing and wholesale various types of warter bottles and cups



Through customized service, advertising your brand, Create an extra special gift. Using personalized water bottles will share the message and contribute to greater brand exposure. make your own design, color your brand.

Customize The Bottle Shape

The bottle shape can be tailored as per your need, made by material of stainless steel, or plastic, or silicone, etc

Customize the bottle lid

Your design would distiguish your product and brand among the industry. We are able to faciliate fulfilling your design of lid. let it be your patent or a joint owned patent

Custozmie the Surface Color

Glossy finshing

Matt finishing
Glitter finishing
Single Color
Water Transfer
Gradient Color
3D Printing
Heat Transfer
Air Transfer

Customize Your Logo/Brand

Various logo printing methods would be able to fulfill your logo on the bottle perfectly. Artwork would be done firslty to present the effect before making printing

Printing Technic

Customize Your Box

Customzied box is quite unique to present your DNA, and display the high quality

Gift Box Design

Cylinder Giftbox

Giftset Package

Other Packages

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