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What kind of cup should I choose when I travel?

Travel light water bottles have always been the first choice for travel. The main materials of travel cups are plastic and metal. Therefore, it is more suitable to carry cups of these two materials when going out. Plastic water cups are more portable, and metal travel cups are more common. There are two kinds of cups made of stainless steel and aluminum pots. If you want to travel, which is better?

Choose a travel water bottle based on performance

According to the type and performance, plastic cups and aluminum kettles are more suitable to be carried when going out, because plastic cups and aluminum kettles are lighter and easier to carry. Second, plastic cups and aluminum kettles are more resistant to falling. The collision is not easy to break. The difference is that the price of plastic cups is relatively low compared to double wall stainless steel water bottle and aluminum cups. It is only recommended to choose plastic cups for general travel.

insulated drink bottle

Choose a travel water bottle according to the material

Judging from the material, the glass is the safest, but it is not insulated and will be hot when receiving hot water. If you are accustomed to drinking tea, we suggest choosing a double-layered glass cup will be better, so that it will not be hot. If you want better heat preservation, choose a stainless steel water cup, but also pay attention to the stainless steel water cup and try not to contain irritating drinks.

You can also choose a plastic cup. The plastic cup is simple and light. The material cup is generally divided into PC material, tritan material, PP material, PC material plastic cup can not be filled with hot water, PP material plastic material is very safe, but the light transmittance is not high, the tritan material plastic cup should be the safest of all plastic cups, it does not contain any harmful substances to the human body, and can also be filled with hot water.

Choose a travel water bottle according to the function

If you have any functional requirements, you can also choose a cup made of stainless steel. The stainless steel vacuum flask can be used for hot water when going out in winter, and the insulated stainless steel water bottle can be used for cold water in summer, because the vacuum flask can keep warm and cold for a long time. , When going out, you can drink a sip of hot or cold water anytime, anywhere!

insulated drink bottle

Choose a travel water bottle according to its capacity

Water cups are the containers we use to contain liquids. Usually, they are shaped like cylinders with a height greater than their width, so that they can be easily picked up by hand and retain the temperature of the liquid. There are also square-shaped water cups.

Generally speaking, the capacity of the insulated drink bottle is between 350ml-500ml. If you are a boy, you should choose more than 500ml, while a girl should choose about 350ml; secondly, choose the difference between adults and children. If you choose more than 500ml, children don’t need such a wide mouth stainless steel water bottle.

When traveling, do you know how to buy a cup? If you have any questions about the selection of lightweight travel water bottle and thermos stainless steel water bottle, please feel free to contact us.



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